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A look at the new OV Headphones, sponsored by OnVocal. 

OV Headphones Review: Travel with Amazon's Alexa voice command serviceIf you’ve followed my blog around the world (literally, I’ve been working while traveling for the last three years), you’ll know the following:

1.  I’m really busy, and pretty much always on the go.
2.  I love technology as much as I love to travel.
3.  I don’t do many product reviews.

Despite my hesitation towards reviewing most products, I’m excited to share my partnership with OV headphones. It’s the first smart-device in headphones format — with Amazon voice and Music Services! Unlike other headphones, you can use it to listen to music, make calls or give commands. 

As someone who spends very little time at home, it’s so nice to be able to bring my Amazon Alexa with me.  OV headphones are great for voice-command, wireless / hands-free — perfect for the smart traveler and/or workaholic.

So whether you work and take calls while on the go, or like to enjoy music while wandering the streets and jogging on beaches, consider why I was a YES on OV Headphones.

OV Headphones Review: travel with Amazon Alexa |

Quick jog in Malibu with my OV Headphones.

1. With OV Headphones, you’re not isolated from the world around you.

When I’m checking out a new town, I don’t wan to tune-out 100% on what’s going on around me. Sure, I want some beats to compliment my experience, but if I meet a local or catch something interesting going on, I want to engage with what’s going on — especially, when traveling.

OV has dual binaural MEMS which allow you to hear what’s happening.

It also has an ambient feature that allows us to block (or not) the sounds around us.

You can also stay connected to your work. OV let’s you hear your own voice in real-time, so if you’re taking a quick call at the airport, outside, or away from the office, you can have sound quality that actually works.

2. OV Headphones play your music.

As the first Alexa headphones, OV plays your Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, TunueIn, and Audible. You can control all of these from your headphones instead of looking or talking into your phone. 

You can switch between preset mixes or create your own.

3. OV puts you in control with voice command.

Activate Siri for iPhone, Google for Android, or tap the Alexa button to play music, get directions, get the latest score on the game, or shop. You can also voice control your smart home.

Other highlights of OV Headphones 

  • 8 Hours of battery use.
  • OnVocal app to save your favorite settings.
  • Flexible neckband which is easy to hide in a collar with your blazer or coat, and molds to you for a secure fit.
  • Wire input for air travel that prohibits blue tooth.


Setting up for working from a cafe — listening to instrumental music on OV Headphones allows me to focus. 

What would you add to my OV Headphones Review?