Reading Time: 5 minutes - Full Moon Party ThailandIn honor of one of the greatest festivals for Generation-Y, I’ve created a guide for the Full Moon Party Thailand in Koh Phangan. By day, bronze your body by the beach; by night, delight in the debauchery of others’ (as well as your own).

Yes, plan your trip to SE Asia around going. It’s worth it.

1.     Arrive to Koh Phangan AT LEAST three nights before. The last thing you want to do is trek all the way to Thailand, spend the majority of your time on transportation, then hurry to the island the day of the party. This isn’t Vegas, this isn’t Ibiza. It’s Koh Phangan, and your wallet and liver can afford it. Tour groups for the Full Moon Party Thailand book a NINE day stay leading into it. There’s plenty to do, and a beach for when you don’t feel like doing any of it.

2.    Whether you prefer to book a hotel or hostel, stay in Haad Rin. It’s convenient to be walking distance from your accommodation because the wannabe taxi carts are overpriced on all of the popular nights. Let’s be honest, you’re on vacation: minimal effort for food, drinks, and the beach is obligatory.

3.     Go to the Jungle Party the night before the Full Moon Party. It’s literally an EDM festival in the jungle. Drinks there are about four to five times that of those on the beach, so plan accordingly.

4.     Check out the Coral Bungalows Pool Party the night before the Jungle Party. It’s like Spring Break in the movies. Free transportation to and from is provided from the center of Haad Rin.

5.     Pre-game/ pre-party at least once at the Danish owned hostel “Same Same.”  It has an outrageously social bar with live music, drinking competitions, etc. It’s also walking distance from the beach.

6.     Spend one night on the beach watching fire dancers and drunken people playing dangerous games.

7.     Don’t BE the drunk person playing dangerous games.  I have it on video. EVERY SINGLE person that did the jump rope on fire was burned. You are not Superman, you are not Wonder Woman. You will burn your feet, your body, or your face. And everyone will laugh.

8.     The only truly clean Westernized public restroom is located in the “new” Paddy’s Irish Bar. If you haven’t traveled in Asia and are unfamiliar with why I’m identifying a “Westernized” restroom, you’ll thank me later.

9.     There’s this hype called Mushroom Mountain. I haven’t been, but I’ve heard stories. Just be responsible, you modern day hippies.

10.   On that note, the Red Bull syrup is more potent than the carbonated stuff that you drink in the Americas/ Australia / Europe (drink water to compensate the additional de-hydration). Alcohol is absurdly affordable. Don’t be ashamed to split a bucket or drink from one straw instead of two. Then split another to space out your drinking.

11.   If you want to stay up all night, start drinking later, and never eat dinner before 10 PM. Ask the British boys: who died? and who made it through the nights

[me]? #responsiblealcoholism

12.   Prevent a hangover Full Moon Party Thailand style. Every morning order one large Chang and one large water. However, don’t get belligerent during the day if you want to make it to sunrise.

13.   Your belongings will get stolen by people who come to the island just to steal from drunken tourists. There is currently a very happy Thai lady-man with my nude Aldo wedges. I’m convinced it was a Thai lady-man because no other woman would have wanted to wear wedges to a club on the beach in Thailand.

Don’t bring valuables.

14.   There are a lot of Thai lady-men. If that’s your thing, enjoy! If not … gentlemen, you may not want to get so drunk that you can’t distinguish the difference.

15.   The Full Moon Party consists of a liberal and opened-minded crowd. There are many Kiwis (New Zealanders), Aussies, Brits, Canadians, Americans, Germans, Dutch, and Danish … more tourists than Thais. Go ahead: meet some people outside your wolf pack!

16.   If you’re going to shack, do it one of the other nights (not the Full Moon Party night) so that you don’t get caught up with someone instead of enjoying the actual celebration and your friends. [Joking]. However, if you’re afraid you might lose someone in your group (which you might), make sure everyone knows how to get back to the accommodation on their own, and that instead of one person having the key, you leave it at the front desk.

EDIT: Some of my British friends had a “ducking” strategy where they would raise their arms mocking a duck with their hand so that when following each other, we wouldn’t lose the leader. It was very effective because they are very tall. If you’re going to be with a group at a festival, I’d suggest something similar, or carrying a pole/mount to show in the air when getting through the crowd.

Do you have any more tips for the Full Moon Party Thailand?


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