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Do your friends have good taste in lifestyle? Imagine quality, not quantity recommendations — Hikes, restaurants, bars, art, concerts and more based on people you actually know and trust?

There’s an app for that. It’s called BUENA .

BUENA is for people like me. People with a social life that love to adventure, eat, drink & experience the world around them.

I’ve been to over 250 destinations around the globe, and I always need a little help with finding the best places.

Like everyone, I only have so much time and money to spend on my time off. I only want to go to the best places… especially, when planning a birthday, going on a first date or taking a bucket-list trip! Now, finding things to do is fast, free and worthy of your time off.

But how do we get QUALITY recommendations?

I usually text my friends in a group chat —  but not everyone knows what or where I need tips for. Sometimes, I post on Facebook “who’s been to Thailand” … and hope someone sees it and actually comments. Google is the worst with 180,768 results for “brunch in Los Angeles.” Instagram helps too, but realistically, it’s hard to get all the right info in one stop.

When it comes to it, I first and foremost am interested in where my friends are going.

We count on our friends!

BUENA App - Best Travel Apps 2018 - Photo Founder Stephanie Be with friends in Los Angeles

I know that Carly has the best taste in LA brunch spots.

BUENA App - Best Travel Apps 2018, Photo friends at sunset in Croatia

When I want a good hike, I can count on Taylor Burk, Tiff Penguin, Garrett King, Kyle Huber (and countless others) to spot the best views. I know I can trust my mom when it comes to great shopping, and my brother when it comes to music events.

And “exotic” destinations? Obviously, the friends I’ve met while traveling (you know who you are)!

I’m picky and I trust my friends’ judgement the most, so I created an app for it!

BUENA puts all your friends places in one spot.

BUENA App - Best Travel Apps 2018, Photo of Friends in Croatia

BUENA App is for you if:


You’re busy and have no time to plan your weekend.

Save time researching things to do; BUENA puts all the information you need for a place in one spot.

You know what you like.

The algorithm from your places is NOT influenced by ads, instead we make recommendations based on YOUR interests + the places you and your friends have already been to.

You trust your friends more than anyone.

No more randoms! BUENA’s recommendations are based off of people you trust.

You hear about a cool place, but then forget about it when actually looking to go there.

With an easy swipe yes or no, save a spot for later, or black list it a la Pandora/ Tinder style.

You’re too lazy or busy to stop and give recommendations.

If you’ve never left a review on Trip Advisor or Yelp, but are a go-to for hot spots in DMs and texts — BUENA just made life easier 💁. Effortlessly, send lists of your places. Alternatively, your friends on BUENA can see all of your faves without even asking!

You low key hate social media.

No baby pictures, no political rants, no “followers.” BUENA actually uses your existing social network and social media to help you find things to do in your REAL SOCIAL LIFE.


Imagine that 😏 actually using social media to get outside, take a hike, grab a bite or share an experience.


Pre-register for the BUENA app: and follow along on social media for all of our launch parties in Los Angeles, Newport Beach and San Diego!

Get priority access by inviting your friends.

BUENA app works better with friends. Invite the tastemakers in your life and see the app first!




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BUENA App - Best Travel Apps 2018