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TRAVELBREAK is the journey of an American-Latina woman with a fervent passion for people, places, and entrepreneurship.

A UCLA Alum and the daughter of immigrants, Stephanie chased the American dream, always making her career a priority. Until one day, she bought a one-way ticket to bartend in Australia.

The more she traveled, the more she learned about the world, and the more she learned about herself.

Globetrotting to over 250 destinations, Stephanie always found a way to work while traveling: studying abroad, living as an expat overseas, working remote as a digital nomad, and eventually, starting two high-growth businesses in the tourism industry.

Stephanie combats an internal millennial monologue — how can I be successful in my career, make an impact on society, experience new cultures, and maintain a sense of freedom? Where do I find unconventional people like me? Where do I spend my very valuable free-time?

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