The Ultimate Tropical Destination and Beach Vacation Checklist for Men. A travel packing list and tips from the travel blog

After a little Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea? Presenting the ultimate tropical guide and beach vacation checklist for men. Enjoy these tips for your next trip to any pool party, yacht life or time by the sea.. whether it’s the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or a on a coast you can’t pronounce.

In this post:
– Suggested items beach + pool wear; site-seeing, evening wear and adult beach toys/ technology.
My favorite paradise destinations including in the U.S., Mexico and international destinations << these are places I’ve personally experienced.
My favorite beach-based festivals.
Curated boutique shop.

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BEACH VACATION CHECKLIST[ beach. pool. boat ]



[day. site-seeing]



[evening. social]



[accessories. sports equipment.]

  • Sunglasses Saks has a great variety
  • Hat | This Tommy Bahama hat is perfect for the beach
  • Snorkel – Mask | Get the best views with this Full-Face snorkel mask.
  • Fins | These fins are a must have for the best snorkeling.
  • Rash guard and/ or wetsuit | When catching waves or just trying to stay warm in colder waters a wetsuit by O’neill is a must.
  • Book | 
  • Floating device | From Unicorns , to Donuts  and even California Avocados – these pool floats will have you floating in style.
  • Water-bottle | I enjoy this bkr glass bottle because it helps save the environment and is dishwasher friendly.


PACKING LIST[photography. tech.]

  • GoPro | This GoPro is a great option
  • GoPro Dome Port | This dome is perfect for both underwater and half over, half under shots.
  • GoPro surf accessories | Get awesome surf shots with this set
  • Waterproof iPhone Case | I like this one – its got a floating strap to ensure the waves don’t take off with your phone!
  • Anti-Fog inserts | These are essential for great shots when using underwater housing

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