Reading Time: 4 minutes - Bienvenidos A Miami!

Photo collaboration with Miami-based photographer Jerry, @Witness_x

“Where next?” she asked.

I was sitting beside a #TravelBreak reader at a wine bar in Napa when inquired about my next trip.  I’ve been doing meet ups with people through social media, and a “follower” very quickly became a friend.

“I’m going to Miami tomorrow.”

She said she always wanted to go to Miami.

I said, “come.” And then she did!

Bienvenidos a Miami!

And on our 24-hour friendship anniversary, we sat side by side on a flight from San Francisco to Miami.

I had a room at the Sense Beach House — a boutique hotel that brings the casual elegance of Malibu to the loud city of Miami. Before we knew it, we were sipping on cocktails and dancing until sunrise.

I have this theory about those who are doers, not just dreamers. The theory is that they are awesome.

So if a girl is willing to spontaneously buy a one-way ticket to join me on Instagram meet-ups and road trip/ sail the Florida Keys with another blogger I had yet to meet, then that will is enough for me to guess that I am probably going to like her.

I didn’t like her.

Loved her. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Lauren, @globalexplauren – portrait via @StephBeTravel… that’s meeee

And for a week we frolicked like partners in crime, taking pictures of people, places, and things in America’s hottest city. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Miami Never Sleeps  — Follow me on Instagram @StephBeTravel

After dinner at the Sense Beach House, we went to Hyde Beach Miami. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Cocktails and ceviche at the popular and trendy Sense Beach House

We explored a deserted water sports theater and indulged in ice cream and Cuba — South Beach style — with Jerry @witness_x, who I met through Instagram. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Deserted Water Sports Theater - Bienvenidos A Miami

Jerry catches me in South Beach – @Witness_x - Bienvenidos A Miami

The palm trees here actually have coconuts. Miami one ups L.A. – ’tis official! - Bienvenidos A Miami

Miami sunset with Jerry and Lauren. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Because I wanted to do something different with the iconic skyline. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Feeling free like a bird :) - Bienvenidos A Miami

Photo by Jerry :) - Bienvenidos A Miami

Did you catch my snapchat? Yep, four of us here… if you don’t know what I’m talking about, add me on Snapchat: TravelBreak

Also, I think I finally nailed long exposure :D :D :D

Shooting with @hi_tola and @expertvagabond - Bienvenidos A Miami

Follow me to Miami. - Bienvenidos A Miami

Lauren poses for me :) - Bienvenidos A Miami

Shooting with @hi_tola at the Sense Beach House - Bienvenidos A Miami

Blue hour, closing sunset on the rooftop pool of the Sense Beach Hotel.

It’s still summer in Florida! I’ll be back to the Florida Keys and Miami October 28 – Nov. 3

Find me at Fantasy Festival and catching up with old friends and new.

Do you want to show me your city?

I’ll do meet ups everywhere I go! I love meeting locals and other travelers. Stay tuned for dates on Facebook and Instagram.



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