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You probably think I’m crazy. Not for standing on the edge of a building or cliff, but for turning down a corporate job to travel the world, for traveling solo “as a female,” or breaking every rule book in a world of white-picket-fence.


@TravelBreak @StephBeTravel Los Angeles Unedited

The Griffith Observatory Los Angeles via @StephBeTravel

Well, there are a few things I would like to clear up about this “craziness.”

Potato Chip Rock, San Diego, California with @TysonTravel @StephBeTravel

Potato Chip Rock, San Diego | Photo collab @StephBeTravel @TysonTravel

Traveling solo and meeting people through Instagram, Twitter, and blogging isn’t what is “crazy.”

High Steel Bridge Washington @Yurachkat @StephBeTravel

High Steel Bridge, Washington| Photo collab @StephBeTravel @Yurachkat

You see, what we define as “normal” and what we define as “crazy” is a direct result of our social norms.IMG_6740

Bernal Heights Park, San Francisco| Photo collab @StephBeTravel @TheSamGraves

This means, that we form our expectations based on what we are used to.

Las Vegas Bucket List - Adventure Travel - 6

Flipping upside down in a private combat jet, Las Vegas with @LeeAbbamonte

I created TravelBreak, to tell you stories about places, people, and activities that you may not be used to.

Shannon Falls, Vancouver @StephBeTravel @PauloDelValle

Shannon Falls, North Vancouver| Photo of @StephBeTravel by @PauloDelValle

To remind you – and myself – that stepping out of our comfort zone, isn’t only okay — but encouraged.Bucket List Check! Rock Climbing in Reno @StephBeTravel TravelBreak

Highest Rock Climbing Wall in the World – Reno, Nevada @StephBeTravel 

Because if people weren’t so darn cruel about what makes them uncomfortable…

Rowena Crest, Oregon @StephBeTravel -

Rowena Crest, Oregon | Photo via @StephBeTravel @VioletsPix

We would be one step closer to world peace…Big Sur Bixy Bridge by @StephBeTravel @BonTraveler -

Big Sur, California| Photo collab @StephBeTravel BonTraveler

Just kidding. I’ll save my Miss America speech for another time. Best Photos of Canada Road Trip - @StephBeTravel - (4 of 11)

Road to Whistler, Canada | Photo collab @StephBeTravel @PauloDelValle

Travel, education, and culture are the first steps towards eradicating hatred, bigotry, and racism. Best Photos of Canada Road Trip - @StephBeTravel - (5 of 11)

Sea to Sky Highway, Canada | Photo collab @StephBeTravel @Yurachkat

I believe, that travel has made me a better person.  I share it with you to encourage you to get out there and make your own experiences. Hoping that you too will become a better person.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona | Photo collab @StephBeTravel @MissChloeLynn

As each better individual congregates, a better society is morphed, a better generation. But now I just sound like Miss America again.

Best Photos Bryce Canyon 3 Utah Tips TRAVELBREAK Travel Blog

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah | Photo via @StephBeTravel hosted by @GMcNulty90

In retrospect, like these photos, life is about perspective.

I was never in an unsafe position, but rather framed the photos at interesting angles to maximize the edge affect.

Jerusalem, Israel - (8 of 17)

Article about Israel coming soon | Photo collab @StephBeTravel @CrazyInTheRain

“Crazy” and “normal” are about your perspective.

Emerald Pools in the Reno/ Tahoe  via @StephBeTravel @ChasePhayce

However, it doesn’t mean that I was ever unafraid.

Challenging our comfort zones doesn’t mean that it is easy, it means that we have the courage to overcome our fears.

Best Photos of San Francisco (7 of 12)

San Francisco, California| Photo collab @StephBeTravel @Yummertime

So I invite you to travel.

Bixy Bridge - California Big Sur Road Trip | @StephBeTravel

Bixy Bridge Big Sur | Photo collab @StephBeTravel @BonTraveler


To stand up for people that are different than you.

Best Photos of Oregon Road Trip (11 of 15)

Broadway Bridge, Portland | Photo via @StephBeTravel

To get a little uncomfortable.

Best Photos of Washington, Seattle by @StephBeTravel @iAmSphak

Seattle Pier| Photo collab @StephBeTravel and @IamSphak

And most of all, to remember:

Yes, you can travel, even solo, even as a woman.

Yes, you can start your own business.

Yes, you can be yourself, anywhere in the world.

Best Photos of Oregon Road Trip (5 of 15)

Photo via @StephBeTravel

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