When I started writing two years ago, I didn’t know a thing about a camera. Since, a visual capture has become essential to sharing my story. This camera store is not just about my blog or Instagram, it’s about how we document the incredible places we experience.

I currently shoot with Canon, GoPro and a series of iPhone accessories. I’ve written up in-depth comparative guides to help you understand which type of photo equipment is right for you. In addition to extended time invested in research, I have tried and tested different types of camera equipment while meeting up with photographers around the world.

Please feel free to read up on my findings, and if you appreciate this blog or the information presented, you can support this blog by using the affiliate links in this camera store (at no extra cost to you).  

Need details on which equipment is right for you?

Read these in-depth comparisons:

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Photography Equipment

This pot compares DSLR cameras including Canon 70D, Canon 6D and Canon 5 Mark iii

The Ultimate Guide to the Best GoPro Accessories and Tips

This post breaks down how to maximize the use of your GoPro for different types of travel experiences.

The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Photography: Accessories, Apps and Tips

About 1/3 of my Instagram photos are iPhone only. Learn the secret to professional quality from your mobile device.

Coming soon: blog posts on underwater photography and drone photography.

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