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I get a lot of emails. I mean a lot of emails. One of the greatest challenges of running a small business, traveling, and sharing my passion — is ninja time-management!

Before contacting me, please read my FAQs below. 

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Thank you so much! It can be hard to put yourself out there, commit to an entrepreneurial endeavor and meet the demands of the blogging industry. If I’ve inspired you, the best way for a virtual high-five is not by email. Here’s the best way to show your support:

  • Leave a comment on the blog post that inspired you (newly enabled!)
  • Leave a comment on a social post such as Instagram or Facebook
  • Share your favorite posts by Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon
  • Forward a blog post by email to friends.

I absolutely love to hear your feedback and it’s YOUR positivity that helps me overcome the many challenges of work and travel. Feel free to shoot me an email for personal motivational notes; but in general, the best way for me to keep up with 250,000 people is through social media and not email.
Thank you for understanding!

I have the privilege of traveling to many places and experiences. The purpose of the blog is to help you plan your own trips and create your own experiences!

I am not a personal travel consultant. I did however create a series of travel resources to help you get started:

Start Here: Travel Tips and Resources.

Please do not email me to ask about specific trip details; there’s an entire blog for what I am ready to share — so browse baby browse!

I have a fervent passion for giving back to the community. Raised by a sixteen-year old mother, I understand the direct influence of programs and people that facilitate opportunities.

  • For this reason, I volunteer my time and donate 10% of my income to various organizations. I typically don’t parade my philanthropic lifestyle because it’s just something I do for me and not for my blog.
  • Because I cannot support EVERYONE, I choose to promote and invest in organizations within my home-base community or the places I travel; not organizations I find online.
I drink water everyday, but I don’t have time to photograph it, write a blog intelligent post on it, and share it on social media. Just because I like or use something doesn’t mean I will blog or post on social media about it.

Please do not email me for free advertising and marketing schemes. Please do not email me your press release.

  • TravelBreak NEVER features destinations or brands we aren’t personally passionate about.
  • Integrity and transparency is important to our audience and is non-negotiable in campaigns.

To work together, please see work with us and email me StephanieBe [at] TravelBreak.net  with information about your company, why your product or services appeal to the TravelBreak community, a budget and timeline for your campaign.

Aww shucks! Thank you for thinking of me. I’ve been surprised by press features and really appreciate it.

It is the grace of those who have featured me that contributes to TravelBreak growth. For these people I am immensely grateful for! Especially other influential bloggers that I look up to!

I am a blogger, not a reporter. Please do not send me your press releases.

  • I am a contributing blogger which means I contribute stories based off of my blog – my own experiences, thoughts, and motivations.
Blogging and social media demands real, learnable skills — but it’s not something I can teach you on a fifteen minute phone call or in a playful sarcastic email. If you’re interested in blog or social media mentorship, please check out my consulting programs here.

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