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I looked at my most popular instagram photos for 2015 and realized, “wow, I took a third of these on my iPhone.” Any smartphone is actually a pretty powerful tool: great quality, light-weight and usually, we already have our mobile phones with us (but may not have another camera on hand). So how do you maximize iphone features for incredible iphone photography? Or in simple words, I must say how to take good pictures with your iphone.

The most important things in shooting with your iphone are that you hold the camera still and choose a focus point, so that the quality of your photos is at it’s best. Post-production also defines the epic-ness of your photos, but here’s the steps to first and foremost getting the most of your iPhone for amazing travel photos. These iphone photography tips will bring out the hidden photographer in you.smile emoticon

Best iPhone Photography Accessories:

A little investment, these iphone photography accessories are lighter in weight and more affordable than other professional photography equipment like a DSLR or GoPro. Check them out! and add them to your list of must have iphone accessories.

Tip #1. For more professional-like photos, get an iPhone camera lens.

Clipping on a lens can give you a wider perspective or more zoomed in photos with higher quality.

Buy OlloClip Telephoto + CPL Lens for iPhone – Best IPhone Accessories

Tool #1. OlloClip Telephoto + CPL Lens for iPhone

I like this OlloClip double-lens because it’s two lens in one clip, and it snaps on directly, as opposed to other clips which I think would be easier to break (I’m a clumsy one).

Bonus Tool – Selfie Stick

I use a selfie stick with the wide lens to get that GoPro affect with my iPhone.

Catch More Background with iPhone + OlloClip double lens + Selfie Stick | Location: Helipad picnic at the Loews Hollywood Hotel

 See how much more of the background you can catch then with a regular selfie?
Helipad picnic at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. 

Tip #2. Get incredible time-lapse and cool waterfall photos with an iPhone tripod.

You can actually imitate long-exposure (the effect that blurs water in photos), with an app called CortexCam, but you need to hold the camera really really still (which is why you need a tripod).

Tools #2. Manfrotto Mini Tripod + MePHO TO Tripod AdapterBuy iPhone 6 Camera tripod – Best IPhone Accessories Buy Tripod converter - Best iPhone Camera 6 Accessories







I don’t know about you, but I seriously value my iPhone. I don’t want anything to happen to it, so I paired two of the most sturdy accessories for a tough tripod + tripod adapter.

With a really still camera (because it’s connected to a mini tripod), you can use the Cortex Cam App to get photos like I did here:


Tip #3. Use a Remote to Take Photos of Yourself

If you’re using an iphone tripod, consider an easy remote instead of a timer to get amazing photos. This is important to me as a solo traveler, or in times when I am traveling with friends and we want to be in the photo together.

Tool #3 HiSy BlueTooth Remote

I use the HiSy Blue Tooth Remote which comes with an app that connects the remote to your iPhone.

 Tip #4. Keep Your iPhone Charged for 2xs as long.

Between my social apps, GPS, and camera use, I am constantly wearing away at my iPhone’s battery.

Tool #4. iPhone Battery Case 

I use the chargeable battery case by Apple because it also protects my phone (and like I said, I’m clumsy). FYI, if you buy it and it’s not working — hint: you probably haven’t updated your iPhone software. I took an unnecessary trip to Apple. It’s actually really easy, just plug it in!

Buy iPhone chargeable battery case – iPhone Travel Accessories

Best iPhone Photography Features:

A part of taking amazing travel photos with your iPhone is using all of it’s existing features. I didn’t know most of these existed for the longest time. Try to play with these options, instead of just “photo.” These iphone camera tricks will also give your photos a professional touch.

  1. Get amazing jumping photos with “burst” mode.

Instead of doing many jumps to get the right photo, take many photos of a single jump.

How to do it:

Hold down the “photo” button on your camera. It will continuously take photos. Select the photos you want to keep, and delete the rest.

Bonus tip:

If the person taking the photo gets low, it emphasizes the reach of the jump.

 Amazing jumping photo with iPhone “burst” mode | Location: Devil's Garden Utah

2. Get panoramic photos.

Want to capture the entire scene in a single shot? Use the “pano” camera feature.

Hold down the “pano” button and move it from left to right or top to bottom as STEADY as possible.

Entire scene in a single shot with Panoramic “Pano” option in iPhone | Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

3. Take time-lapse photos/ videos.

Time lapse is when your camera takes multiple photos in a sequence to create a video for you. You can set your camera up on your tripod and show the movement for a unique play on video. This is particularly fun for capturing change over time, such as a sunset or moving crowd. 

4. Be sure to tap your screen for the focus point and exposure.

Your camera will automatically focus on something unless you touch screen to tell it where to focus. Once the square is in place, drag the sun up and down to add more or less light to your photo.


5. Use the HDR feature.

The HDR feature allows you to add a little drama to your photos. Your image will be less “flat” and have more dimensions. You can find the “HDR” option next to the flash, timer, and selfie options on your camera’s menu. 


iPhone Photography Apps (before editing)

There’s a lot of iPhone editing apps, but some app actually help you take better photos too.

Consider these:

Cortex Cam:

Set your iPhone to be very still (like on your tripod), let the camera focus, and keep it still while it takes multiple photos to imitate long exposure. This reduces “noise” which is those annoying pixels in your camera. It’s a controlled blurring tool. You can see the samples I used above as paired with the tripod I use.

Cortex Cam App for iPhone – Noise Free Photos on ios

Phhhoto App:

Get moving pictures with Phhhoto (kinda like GIFs) 

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Pro Camera 8

At $4.99, it’s one of the more expensive photo apps, but it’s a lot cheaper than a professional camera. This app allows you to turn your iPhone Camera 6 or 6+ into a DSLR-like tool. You can control exposure, shutter speed, noise removal, resolution, white balance, grids, HDR and more.



What iPhone Photography tips would you add?




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