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Gift ideas for smart travelers including travel tech and gadgets. This round up includes a TravelBreak partner, Bitdefender BOX, a leader in cyber-security. However, all opinions are my own. I’ve thoroughly checked out my options before putting this list together for you. Let me know what you think!

Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Tech and Gadgets for Smart Travel | Travel-Break.netWith the holidays around the corner, what’s on your gift list?

What’s on your wish list?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times — travel, whether an international trip or a staycation experience, is the best gift to give. If you’re looking for a smart, practical and useful travel tech gift to give, along with a note for a trip, here’s the must-have travel tech gifts for 2018… and a few cute (or rather cheesy) notes for you to play with.


1. DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Phantom 4 Pro:
A bird’s eye view.

Drones will bring your photos and videos to life; showcasing your travel in a way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

The two best drone cameras are by DJI. The DJI Mavic Pro is much more compact for travelers, and the Phantom 4 Pro + has better quality for commercial quality footage.

Shop Spring has a deal of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro + with a remote screen.

Shop Spring has a great “Fly More” bundle for the DJI Mavic Pro.

Or stick to the DJI Mavic Pro & Control.


Add a note: “Can’t wait to see where the world takes you.”



2. Planet Traveler USA: The Most Advanced Suitcase

Seeking luggage as smart as your traveler? Consider the world’s smartest suitcases:

Planet Traveler USA Space Case

  • Robotic Biolock: unlock the case with a fingerprint or smartphone app
  • Digital Self-Scale: automatically weighs your suitcase.
  • Smart Battery: Charge your phone 7xs over.
  • Anti-theft Alarm: Use your phone to set off an alarm in the case.
  • Hands-free speaker phone: listen to music or chat on the phone in your hotel room.
  • Hard-case & smart spinner wheels

Get the 20 inch carry-on.


Planet Traveler Smart Tech Case

  • Global Tracker
  • Built in Scale
  • Built in TSA friendly Lock
  • Hard-Case and Spinner Wheels

Get the 28 inch check-in luggage.

Get the 19 inch carry-on.


Add a note: “The world’s best [insert relationship: sister, boss, boyfriend] deserves the world’s best suitcase. “



3. Bitdefender BOX: A cyber-security plan.

Give the gift of safety with world’s largest security infrastructure. Bitdefender BOX is a multi-device cybersecurity and anti-virus software for Windows, Mac and smart home products. Bitdefender not only secures your laptops and computers, but also all of your smart-home devices… at once (including those on this list!). Enjoy your vacation knowing that your phone, computers, and electronic valuables are safe. Data and privacy are priceless.

Get the second generation Bitdefender Box for $249, with a year subscription included.

As a lover of all things tech myself, I was surprised to learn that while the average person owns 3 smart devices and 98% of people use the internet, only 1% of Americans think about cybersecurity! We share our credit card information and have our entire lives in our email accounts, yet fail to protect our digital health.

1 out of 3 Americans has been a victim of a cyber attack! Sooo yeah, I agreed to partner with Bitdefender to give the gift of a safe online lifestyle.

Add a Note: “Safety at home. Adventure abroad. “



The New Bitdefender Box protects your home and office from cyber threats.


 4. Complete Travel Tech Pack

Adapter, converter, strip, electronic juice pack. To top it all off, be sure to get a travel electronics organizer.


If you’d like to free up your adapters to charge cameras, curling irons and other products, consider charging your Apple products with Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. Charge your Apple products anywhere in the world.

Get the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.





5. Sony: A light-weight, mirrorless camera.

Give the gift of memories… and recording them too. Photography is more popular and accessible than ever. I personally shoot with a Canon 70D (read my post Which Camera is Right for You?). However, if you’re in works for a really nice gift, consider the new Sony mirrorless cameras.  They weigh about half as much as a DSLR.


If money isn’t a problem, you’ll want the Sony Alpha a9 mirrorless. for the body only or the a7R III mirrorless (Released November 30, 2017) or the very popular Sony a7Rii.


Add a note:

“Some moments can be shared, not captured. For everything else, there’s a camera lens.”



6. Comfortable, sound resistant head-phones.

A little peace can go a long way on a long flight. I have a few sets of headphones. Beats by Dre are great, but very uncomfortable, if you’d like to sleep while listening to music. OnVocal’s headphones are some of the smartest headphones on the market, but they won’t stay on well while sleeping either.

So while I may recommend either of these for watching movies on your flight — for long, international trips — consider noise-cancelling mediation headphones built into a sleep mask.


Add a note: “Here’s to just as much rest as adventure.”



8. Music: Waterproof, sand proof speakers.

I love the Altec Lansing 3 Rugged Bluetooth speaker for beach and boat trips.


Add a note: “Can’t wait to dance with you around the world.”




9. Skyroam: Global Wifi


Share among 5 devices. Pay only for what you use.

Unlimited Wifi for $8/ day no matter where you go. 


Add a note: “Let’s keep in touch on your next trip.”


10. A Clean Look: Portable Garment Steamer

In a perfect world, we’d only need clothing in wrinkle-free fabrics on the road. But between business and leisure, nice pieces are due. Given that hotel dry-cleaning rates (for already clean clothes) adds up for frequent travelers, consider this travel garment steamer.


Add a note:

“For the most well-dressed traveler I know.”



What travel tech gadgets would you add to this list?