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Sin City? I was guilty of Vivaing Las Vegas once a month my senior year of college. It’s a quick road trip from L.A. or a cheap flight, and thus one of those places that just kind of  happens — again and again. 

View of the Las Vegas strip via my hotel, The Palms Las Vegas

Las Vegas bucket list Stephanie Be

With renovated hotel parties such as Drais and Michelin Star restaurants such as the sophisticated Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at the Mandarin Oriental serving five star meals overlooking the Vegas strip (pictured) (I recommend the mushroom spelt risotto), Vegas is the crossing point of cocktails, cuisine, and concerts.

So how do you top these things to do in Las Vegas?

A private jet plane, combat style, but commercialized.

Imagine every adrenaline sport — skydiving, bungee jumping, jet-packing, hang gliding, swimming with sharks — I’ve done it all, so when I say that something is going to be the thrill of your life, I am not kidding.

Las Vegas Bucket List - Adventure Travel - TravelBreak 3

I strapped into a 330 horsepower Extra 330LC’s to “dog fight” Lee Abbamonte in his combat plane.

After aerial tricks and flying upside down over the Hoover Dam, we went “head-to-head,” virtually shooting at each other’s planes like a real life video game.

Las Vegas Bucket List - Adventure Travel -

I won

[insert duh emoji] … just kidding. I am sure the pilot instructors let me win.

The best part was not just swerving around the mountains and hovering over the Colorado River.

It was when the former fighter pilot let me take control to maneuver the landscape.

Las Vegas Bucket List - Adventure Travel - 6

Yes, I’m flying an airplane upside down. How’s that for a bucket list “check.” ;)

Las Vegas Bucket List - Adventure Travel - TravelBreak 5

Do you trust yourself?

Big holler at my friends Tsang Wang and Borgeous for a great night out.

Sin City, you win again.

P.S. The adventure package for Sky Combat Ace is one hour, and I have a 15 minute video that I will be sharing on TravelBreak Facebook. Stay tuned!

Also, big thank you to Lee Abbamonte for introducing me to the SCA crew :) Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to go to every country in the world, so if you have any destination based questions, check him out!

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