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Deception National Park, Washington @StephBeTravel (meee) with @WildLuxe_Misha, who I met via @DameTraveler on Instagram.


The only place I had written about before experiencing myself was good ol’ Washington State. The article “10 Photos that Justify Washington as the Most Instagrammable State in America” was a hit.

So I packed up a bag, hopped into cars with people I hardly knew, and got from Los Angeles to Seattle to experience the hype myself.

Washington did not disappoint.

I know what you’re thinking.. “Steph, have you been to every state in America?” No.

“Steph, what about Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, and some of the other phenomenal geography across the U.S.?”

I didn’t say that Washington is the only state with immense beauty. I said it’s the most Instagrammable.

Here’s why.

1. #Fog — The weather in Washington allows photographers to shoot without harsh lighting, expanding the window of optical times to shoot.

This allows for full day adventures as opposed to just the golden hours (sunrise/ sunset). Have fun skipping your law school courses to shoot that mountain (this actually happened to me while in Washington. Shout out to @MissMeghanYoung). - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Big Four Ice Caves with Rob Strok @RobStrok - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Park leading up to Big Four Ice Caves via @StephBeTravel (that’s meee).

2. More Instagrammers: There are so many people who actually meet through Instagram in Washington State that you’ll always have someone to adventure with.

Not everyone cares to stop and play with angles and locations to shoot. Hanging out with friends is different than hanging out with friends who enjoy photography.

In Washington, not only do people meet via Instagram, they regularly hang out with each other even when they aren’t shooting. There is a real, tangible Instagram community in Washington State that that develop into friendships beyond the interest of photography. - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

High Steel Bridge photo by @StephBeTravel - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Photo by @Nathan.Iverson – Adventuring with @Drewbikscube

3.  The landscape is a breath-taking geographical salad.

Beach? Yes. Forest? Plenty. City? See it. Cliffs, tulips, snow, bridges, craters, lakes …. you’ll find it in Washington State. - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Deception Pass with Misha, @WildLuxe_Misha

4. People are already “doing” things.

It’s easy to bring your camera when you already have plans to hike in Mount Rainier, drink coffee at the most hipster non-Starbucksy Starbucks, or hit the lake. - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Adventuring in Mount Rainier National Park with Dustin Wong @NatureFormSpirit, Mitch Pittman @MitchPittman and @MissMeghanYoung - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Breakfast at a Seattle Starbucks with @MitchPittman

5. Proximity.

At the heart of Washington lies Seattle, a one to two hour drive from everything. There are only so many times you can shoot at same place before it gets boring. Washington offers more places at a reasonable distance for day trips and weekenders.

Don’t be surprised if some Oregon or Vancouver natives are in state to capture the glorious Evergreen State.

(Psss. Read the Ultimate Oregon Road Trip) - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Some Seattle sunset love. Dmitry Sphak @IamShpak catches me (@StephBeTravel) on the pier. - Washington: Most Instagrammable State in America

Seriously though, as a city competing with a lot of national parks, Seattle sure is pretty. 

What do you love about Washington? Where in Washington should I explore in round 2? Who wants to meet up when I come back to Washington?

Leave your comments below!

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