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With big hair, high heels, and the wrong wardrobe, I may as well have been jumping up and down yelling “I’m a tourist” in Oregon. A hip culture very different from my own, Portland and the local National Parks had been calling my name via Instagram hashtags and Snapchat stories.

Finally, awesome Oregon.

Portland is known for food trucks, coffee snobs, craft beer, bicycle transit, book-readers, whiskey libraries, and large frame glasses. Some stereotypes exist for a reason because I met all of the above. Much like Reno and Seattle, Portlandians support local businesses and appreciate lifestyle. There is a running joke in the city: “Portland is where twenty-five year olds move to retire.”

This isn’t completely true, as a friend based in Portland is going to school and has two jobs. However, I did catch many millennials midday and midweek working from their computers at the trendy Ace Hotel cafe, or finishing work early with a glass of red.

Traveling solo, I saw the city, infamous for twelve bridges, via Pedal Tours Portland. I also met locals on Tinder, and made a new friend who follows TravelBreak who showed me around Multnomah Falls, Rowena Crest, and Beacon Peak.

This little Oregon road trip is 3 hours total back and forth from Portland. - Oregon road trip

Here are some of my favorite photos:

Portlandia (Portland City): - Oregon road trip

The Portland harbor, where clouds look like they’re Photoshopped. - Oregon road trip

Broadway Bridge, Portland - Oregon road trip

The legendary Salt & Straw (fresh made ice cream) in “Stop, Guac, and Roll.” Yes, sweet guacamole themed ice cream. - Oregon road trip

Portland is famous for food trucks. I was eating vegetarian Paleo (Pictured at Cultured Caveman) to make up for that irresistible ice cream. - Oregon road trip

I shared one of these delicious peanut butter jelly pastries by Blue Star donuts. Portland sees little to no corporate chains and is known for hip local restaurants. Many tourists will visit Voodoo Doughnuts, but the locals come to Blue Star. - Oregon road trip

Read later why I have taken to standing on the edge of buildings, cliffs, and bridges. Stay tuned via the TravelBreak Facebook Page. - Oregon road trip

And of course, breakfast at the Ace Hotel, Portland while playing with Snapchat. You can follow my live adeventures on my new Snapchat: TravelBreak


Multnomah Falls: - Oregon road trip - Oregon road trip

Rowena Crest: - Oregon road trip - Oregon road trip - Oregon road trip

Beacon Peak: - Oregon road trip - Oregon road trip

Bridge of gods (actual name) - Oregon road trip

Thank you:

A big thank you to Matthew Kepnes (Nomadic Matt), Karen, Travel Portland and the Ace Hotel. Matt and I carpooled together to Portland, Karen showed me the three national parks on my to-see list, and I worked with Travel Portland and Ace Hotel to to show you one of the most popular areas of the Pacific Northwest. I cannot wait to be back! - Oregon road trip


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