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Bestie + Me

@ Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

Like a pop song once played out by the radio, now an “oldie but goodie” – Cabo San Lucas is the trendiest destination in Mexico, and all in good thrills.

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Do You Cabo? We Cabo! - Cabo Hotels

I had never been to Cabo until I joined my best friend from home. This was her third visit. Typical Californian.

Everybody Cabos. But why do we Cabo?

Because it’s comfortable, it’s a guaranteed great time, and sometimes we need that darn guarantee.

This year, spring break came early with the re-launch of new Cabo resorts recovering from the devastating hurricane of 2014.

Our paradise of choice — Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort — included an upgrade to the Presidential Suite with three balconies to take in the sweeping views of both hotel pools and Sea of Cortez. This is like Christmas for grown-up women. Better yet, it’s like Black Friday shopping without the crowds and early rise. It just doesn’t get better than this. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

We found ourselves splitting a bottle of wine and catching up on life for a proper emotional detox.

This round: this is how we Cabo. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

Sometimes, when people Cabo, they party. Other times, they jet ski, whale watch, and snorkel. A book by the infinity pool after a spa day is always an option, as well as sailing or hiking.

But for once in a really long time, we didn’t do anything. Nothing. We just enjoyed each other’s company. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo! - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!


I’ve said the reoccurring theme of TravelBreak dozens of times —

People, not just places, define our travel experience. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

And that’s when I understood why I was soooo happy to Cabo. The thing about Cabo right now is that it’s not just the rainbow of Guacamole, salsa, and mimosas after the storm. Hilton is a brand we all know. Cabo is a destination we all know. For a girl who has been traveling around the world solo meeting people, appreciating comfort and security was all I wanted at this point. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

Shout out to my best friend who did everything I didn’t.

She went to a competitive grad school while climbing up the corporate PR ladder, she got the luxury view apartment and the charming boyfriend, and she travels and parties on the brief occasion in between working her bum off to learn more, do more, be more. I’m so proud of her. Hanging out, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to have so many incredible people who choose to have me in their life.

Why me? Why her? Why did things work out so well for us? How are we deserving of all of these privileges?

It feels like we’ve both been working so hard for such a long time. Working not just in our careers, but through this whole complex thing called life.

She’s the friend that visited me in Sydney when I bought a one way ticket. I’m the friend who hosted her at my LA apartment as she juggled simultaneously working in Los Angeles and San Diego. She’s heard me (privately) author how to lose a guy in 24 hours, and supported my goals to build my own business. Likewise, I’m supporting her decision to write a (real) book.

We’re both doing it. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

Brit and I took very different routes, but as we chatted philosophy under the stars over Jameson on the rocks, I realized that it didn’t matter that we chose alternative journeys. We quite literally made it to the same destination.

We’ve both made sacrifices. We’ve both cut toxic people. We’ve both found a way to challenge ourselves, making dreams into goals, and we are both pretty happy. Insert un-ironic use of the hashtag #Blessed.

And here we were celebrating life, just cuz because we can. What a great feeling.

Hilton Los Cabos is also celebrating a new life and new beginning following Hurricane Olide last year. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

Between jumping on the bed, absurd bubble baths, shooting sunrise, and indulging in Mexican food, I found myself discussing the following with one of my very favorite people in the universe:

As individual humans, we are relatively insignificant.

If we think of the trillions of stars and galaxies, the infinity of time, of the billions of people, experiences, and bodies of life — we are rather insignificant. We’re really no one and nothing in the grand scheme of anthropology and eternal life: we are insignificant except for the impact we leave on others.

We are significant because we choose to give the gift of significance.

That’s all we are here for. We are here for each other. We are the world to the people who love us, and it is the exchange of this kinship that makes us significant. They say that true friends — ya know, re-defined as family — are the people that know us at our ugliest, our weakest and still love us. They’re what we know, and who we love. That’s stable no matter how many times we switch careers, how many people flip in and out of our lives, how many times we go a little crazy and think we may lose hope… But don’t. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

It’s our kin that helps us rebuild the resort after the hurricane.

After all, paradise is one hell of a drug, and who better to share it with than the people that helped us get here.

A look at our #CaboBreak Happy birthday Lib! - Do you Cabo? We Cabo! - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

Skipping the gym for the private beach at Hilton Cabo San Lucas - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

When you get upgraded to the Presidential Suite and have a few private balconies. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

And when this is your view from one of those balconies. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

When baby sea turtles are born, and you witness their brave release into the wild. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

And you realize you don’t need to hop into the jacuzzi because you have your own. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!You start your day with someone who understands that  life’s too short not to eat Mexican food. - Do you Cabo? We Cabo!

And you leave your power-break with a content heart. Because our lives are always at risk for a hurricane, but with the right people by our side, we will always be equipped to re-build paradise. 

This is my #HiltonStory, sponsored by Hilton Hotels. However, per usual, all opinions are my own.

Inspiring facts in the re-building of Hilton Los Cabos:

  • In September 2014, Hurricane Odile destroyed 200 of the 339 rooms at the Hilton Cabo San Lucas.
  • Through the Hilton Response fund, $500,000 of donations were made to the Los Cabos team members  to rebuild their homes and communities.
  • Hilton volunteers rebuilt 36 team member homes and opened a kids club.
  • Groceries were provided for 500 people the first two months post-disaster.

*** When Hilton invited me to check out their new hotel, I didn’t really know the impact of the hurricane on the local community. I can only imagine how thankful the local Hilton Team was to be a part of such an international family. The fact that Hilton didn’t only rebuild a gorgeous resort for our enjoyment, but invested in re-constructing and empowering the community of the survivors is really inspiring.



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