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“It’s crazy how we started off as complete strangers, and in just a week, we became a family that will forever share this experience. No one is going to forget ELLL BEEE DOUBLE UUU”


Jordan told me before starting a chant as our crew huddled around to dance to the world’s best EDM DJ’s.

[clickToTweet tweet=”#Crewmance: the close bonds formed between those who take on #YachtLifeCroatia together. #Travel” quote=”#Crewmance: the close bonds formed between those who take on #YachtLifeCroatia together. #Travel”] - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

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Other photos via myself and Taylor Wallance, check him out as @IWally and @YouVisit - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

He’s right. I get to do a lot of cool things in my life. Half of my job is to do cool things (the other half is real work, I swear). However, this trip – for crewmantic reasons – will forever be in my heart. It was different. - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

It’s no secret that Yacht Life and Ultra Europe are some of the most coveted event series in the world. People revolve their year around making their way to Croatia for naughty adventures on the Adriatic Sea. - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

Here’s a few of the reasons people pick Life Before Work (literally, putting work on hold to really live life, but it’s also the name of the tour operator I ventured with):

1. Boats, Boats, Boats - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

Yep, it’s yacht life. You live on a yacht, jump off a yacht, tan on the yacht, dance party on the yacht… not a bad set up.

2. Perfect Weather, Gorgeous Beaches, and Beautiful People - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

3.  Culture and Adventure - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

As if island hopping through Split, Hvar, Vis, Natural Bay, Korcula, and Markaraska wasn’t enough, you can scooter, jet pack, jet ski, and boat through caves.

4.  The World’s Best Parties - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

My favorite parties included the glow in the dark cave party, the penguin party, the all-white day party, Hvar’s Hula Hula day party, the party on the private island, and of course, the sunset dinner that started here and ended up in a party: - Yacht life, Hvar, Croatia

Fort George, Vis, Croatia – a former military outpost for sunset views and great nightlife.

What they don’t sign up for is crewmance. I mean showing up solo or with a few friends and leaving with a family of fifty.

Crewmance is like bromance, but includes the girls and employees. It’s a whole other level of friendship.

Joining a tour group such as Life Before Work is a great place to meet other travelers. It’s safer than showing up to Ultra Europe by yourself. It’s a perfect escape, enabling you to relax and take care of each other.

So many solo travelers ended up continuing to travel through Europe together, meeting up when possible and sending ridiculous photos through Facebook group chats.

Somewhere between those buying jager bombs for the whole boat, others sharing their VIP bracelets, clothes being borrowed, penguin parties, champagne showers, blue caves, back flips, and planning our own group dinners after the tour had officially ended — our series of parties became more than a group tour. 

Here’s to getting each other safely home. Here’s to pulling mattresses together at the hostel to watch a movie together. Here’s to sharing drinks, food, and memories.

Life. Before. Work.

Big thank you…

To everyone who shared this incredible week with me. Shout out to the company Life Before Work for partnering with me for one of the best working holidays of my life. Let’s do that again!

Definitely check out their Yacht Life Croatia (and Turkey) tours in 2016. They are also doing Halloween in Las Vegas and have ongoing tours through Europe, Asia, South America, and Central America.



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