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A photo guide to Mountain High California with snowboarding and ski lessons. 


Learn to ski mountain high California | Travel-Break.netMy little brother was fourteen when he took me to the highest point of Mountain High and left me up there … with a snowboard and without any directions on how to use it.  I guess I was supposed to teach myself. Four hours later, the only thing I’d learned was how to roll down that mountain.

Fast-forward through a youth of Blink 182 and similar ska-punk music, I never did really nail snowboarding. Even with lessons, snowboarding was never for me and I lost interest in winter sports as I lived an endless summer. Until last year.

Because… California. You can ski, surf and eat copious amounts of avocado in one weekend. After taking ski lessons in Big Bear and Tahoe, I have forever channeled my inner snow bunny.

Mountain High is the closest ski and snow resort to the Los Angeles area.

It was time to make the mountain mine.

In this post:

– General Experience and Notes
– Getting to Mountain High from Los Angeles
– Mt High Lift Ticket Deals
– First time ski lessons


Get to Mountain High Early

It’s about a two-hour  drive to Mountain High from Los Angeles. GPS reception seemed to be fine in the mountains, but if you want printable directions to Mountain High, see here. It’s also the closest ski resort to San Diego, at two hours from Downtown San Diego. Note that Mountain High does not require snow chains for your car tires, and we had no issue getting up there in a four-wheel drive truck.

We went during the week and it was just right, but it’s busier on weekends and holidays. Remember, California is a tourist state, so any given day is fair game to play.

You’ll need time it purchase tickets or pick up tickets that you purchased online. The line for online pick is about the same as the one for new purchases, so be prepared for a 15 – 30 minute wait.


Mount High snowboard rentals and ski rentals require another quick line. You’ll provide your voucher, get fitted by a technician and be off to the slopes.



Get Ski Lessons As Soon As Possible

Mother Daughter Ski Date | Learn to Ski Mountain High, California - Travel-Break.netOn this glorious perfectly sunny, but perfectly snowy day — I was on one mission: for my mom to learn to ski. Apparently, she’s always wanted to learn to ski, but “didn’t have anyone to go with.” After learning to ski myself, I got my mom ski lessons with an instructor, and reinforced it with some of my own imitation coaching.

Learning to ski is a lot easier than learning to snowboard.

I really wish I’d tried skiing at eighteen instead of snowboarding. Skiing is fun. Skiing is easy.

You can get Mountain High Children’s Skiing Lessons as young as three years old.

Ski lessons begin at 10 am and must be purchased by 8:30 am. First come, first serve — no online reservations. 

Learn more about Mountain High Children’s Skiing Lessons on their website.

Adults can take lessons as old as they feel comfortable. We’ll say my mom is 21 years old. *Cough cough.*  She did great! It’s never too late.


Learn to Ski Mountain High Peak |

Mt High Lift Ticket Deals and Hours

You save $10 a ticket by purchasing online. Passes come in 4hrs, 8hrs, for night or as season passes.
Yes, you can ski at night!

More information on Mountain High Lift ticket prices here. 

You’ll want to take a break around lunch, note there aren’t a ton of vegetarian options so if you’re a health freak like me, you may want to consider bringing a lunch. Alternatively, there is some great pizza, soup bowls and chicken to pair with the snow bar — yes, beer at the Foggy Goggle.

Mountain High often hosts free and paid concerts with partner radio stations like 91X and Power 106.


Learn to Ski Mountain High, California -



Mountain High Snowboarding Lessons

Let’s be honest, Mountain High is known for snowboarding. If you can take on the challenge, like the ski lessons, snowboarding lessons come in group, private or snow school forms.


What to Pack to Mountain High

Aside from the lunch, you’ll want to be fully equipped for Mountain High. If you forget anything, they do have a shop.

Mountain High Ski Packing List:

Ski Jacket
Ski Pants
Snow Boots
Snow Gloves
Ear Muffs or Beanie
Ski Googles or Sunglasses
Face Mask
Double Socks
GoPro Headband
GoPro Backup Battery


Will you learn to ski Mountain High?
Leave your comments at the end of this post!


[ or see the full packing lists ]

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Big thanks to Mountain High for the media passes. Shout out to mom for always trying new things. Per usual, all opinions are my own.