Reading Time: 4 minutes - 5 Reasons to Visit Sydney. Photo by Stephen Casey

I bought a one-way ticket to a city I’d never been to. 

Actually, I didn’t even know anyone who had been to Sydney.

I was casually turning down a coveted “dream” career for an adventure. I would like to think it was a calculated risk. There’s several logical reasons to become an expat in one of the most popular places Down Under.

Here’s why I chose Sydney, and reasons why everyone should visit Sydney:

1. There Are So Many Cities Within the City and Public Transport is Practical and Convenient - 5 Reasons to Visit Sydney. Photo by Stephen Casey

Sydney is as probably as grand of a cityscape as Los Angeles. There are so many suburbs – Bondi, CBD, Manly, North Sydney, Surry Hills, The Cross Darlinghurst, etc… and those are just a few of the most popular spots. It would be a shame if there wasn’t a coherent means by which to weave from town to town. No worries mate, there is! The trains, buses, and metro will make your life easier. 

With so much to do, you’ll never get bored and hardly feel homesick.

2. Obviously the Beaches are as Hot as the Babes - 5 Reasons to Visit Sydney. Photo by Stephen Casey

While oceans around the globe aren’t always a tolerable temperature for a splash, Sydney’s waters are always enjoyable. Not to mention, Aussies are extremely good looking. Along with the playful, outgoing and adventurous Aussies themselves are a sea of expats from all over the world to practice their English. Don’t be surprised to meet some Brazilians or Germans sunbathing in Bondi. Great weather and great friends? The people and beaches are themselves fitspiration.

3. Find All Things Corporate, Craft, and Career Oriented - 5 Reasons to Visit Sydney. Photo by Stephen Casey

You think that Opera House is just sitting there to look pretty? No. The iconic architectural masterpiece is symbolic for the melange of Sydney’s culture that encompasses artwork, commission and tradework. You’ll find skyscrapers as you stroll past colonial landmarks. While a job may not be handed to just anyone, there are many to go for. Embark into the sexy suit and tie parts of town, mingle with hipster folk, or work with what Aussies call “tradies.”   

4. You’ll Be Anything But Melancholic with those Blue Mountains - 5 Reasons to Visit Sydney. Photo by Stephen Casey

Oh beaches, cities, and mountains? Yes please!

Not only are there all forms of live music, parks, museums, rooftop bars, festivals, food fairs, coffee shops, and outdoor cinemas, there are countless outdoorsy activities! Sydney has EVERYTHING (except good Mexican food).

Furthermore, just outside of Sydney, you can go for a “bush walk” (it’s not called a hike) in the Blue Mountains (pictured above). You can also find a park for your next bucket list check: pet a kola and kangaroo and at the Koala Park Sanctuary.

Bonus: The firework show on NYE is renowned as the best firework display in the world. I wasn’t disappointed.

5. The Quality of Life Puts American Culture to Shame - 5 Reasons to Visit Sydney. Photo by Stephen Casey

Oh you mean, not everyone goes into debt to go to college? Getting off from work at 5 PM doesn’t make you look like a lazy underachiever? I can take a gap year during university or before university without compromising my resume? 

In Australia, people get off of work on time…early enough to go for a surf. They make a decent living off bartending or working at a cafe. Careers in farming, carpentry, construction, and trade are a means for a comfortable lifestyle. 

Clearly, all economies have offenders, and I’m not implying that Australia is an occupational utopia. However, due to the social structure of working hours and bill paying,there’s a better lifestyle design. It’s no four hour work week, but Aussies do make time to exercise, play sports, explore new restaurants, and take a month long vacation to travel. Again, it doesn’t work out for everyone, but your odds are better in Australia than in America.

Aussies live and they laugh, and that’s why international people go to the isolated island… to live and laugh with them. At least I did, and had I not been off to travel the world, had I not missed my family and friends so dearly, I would have never left.

This article is for all of the Aussie mates I’ve made who welcomed me into their hearts and homes. And for the expats there who feel the same. 

Big thank you to my special friends in Sydney:

Sophie, Matty, Cassy, Amy, Sophie, Melissa, Laura, Max, Peter, Tyrone, Travis, Chelsea, Lauren, Georgia, Besa, Anne, Luisa, Alex, Amelia, Carina, Emma, Gaby, Stu, Brent, Toby, Tom, Channel, Brett, Julie, Veronica, Emmanuel, Arielle, Katie, and Dr. Ilana Mendels.

You have no idea, how living in Sydney changed my life forever. And it wouldn’t have been such a remarkable experience if it weren’t for you!

Note to reader: they even gave me an American Thanksgiving. Aussies are the best! Also, a big I love you to my mom and Brittani for visiting me in Sydney when I couldn’t afford to come back to Los Angeles!

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