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This was exciting! I submitted my photo to Mashable’s hashtag and was lucky enough to be featured in the #JumpForPlay campaign.

On my last day in New York, I met up with Karim to shoot sunrise at Central Park and asked him to capture my iconic jump at the end of the tunnel. I was exhausted and thought it would be worth the 5am wake up.

It was!

Check out Karim on Instagram: @Karim.Mustafa - Mashable features TravelBreak @StephBeTravel

This jump is very important to me. It’s not just something that I do around the world. It’s me bringing a little piece of myself to new places. It’s something I can explore to be consistent, yet creative and unique at each destination.

Traveling full-time, I don’t have much stability and consistency in my life. I change hotels nightly or every third day, and countries weekly. I am continuously facing new challenges. Having something that I know I can always do is a nice feeling. It’s a reminder that in the madness of my unconventional life, I can depend on myself (and a few others). It’s these little things that make me happy. If I come by your town, let’s capture my jump!

Click here for the link to Mashable’s article.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE - Mashable features TravelBreak @StephBeTravel

Big Sur, California - Mashable features TravelBreak @StephBeTravel

Key West, Florida


Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia - Mashable features TravelBreak @StephBeTravel

Desert Safari, Israel - Mashable features TravelBreak @StephBeTravel

At Big Four Ice Caves, Stephanie Be by @RobStrok

I hope that as you follow my jump around the world…

That you remember — you can jump too. No matter what changes, it’s always you that you’re bringing to the table.

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