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I started falling for New York this autumn.

I lie. I loved New York the first time I came, the second time I returned, and round three, when I extended my stay an extra week.

I love New York.

New York has it all. Naturally, it brings out different sides of me. Likewise, this transient city attracts an eclectic crowd from around the world. Any character type will be squeezing into the subway or hailing a cab.

Which one are you?

1. The Sports Nut

You know the guy or gal that wants to go to the Rugby finals in New Zealand, the World Cup in South Africa, and the Olympics in Brazil — usually painted in festive colors, chanting with fellow fanatics. - Things To Do In New York

Madison Square Garden, NYC arena via CNBC

Suggested things to do in New York:

Go to a Knicks Game at Madison Square.

Basketball moves fast for ongoing cheers and beers. As a former LA native, I couldn’t resist a match between New York’s home team and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Alternatively, post yourself at a local dive bar dedicated to a team of your choice to catch American football, baseball, or hockey.

From father son dates to bro nights or date nights, there is something lovely about how teamwork and competition bring people together.

Flashback to Knicks vs. Lakers at Madison Square Garden – via my Snapchat // Username:TravelBreak

2. The wine aficionado and gourmet groupie.

Known for great conversation over five hour wine and food pairings, the wino/ foodie knows how to throw a party without a party. Whether it’s tapas and sangria in Barcelona, food trucks and APIs in Philly, or a cooking class in a remote region outside of Bangkok, the wine aficionado and gourmet groupie knows that proper dining is an experience. - Things To Do In New York

Photo via Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental NYC


Suggested things to do in New York:

Indulge in a six-course culinary experience with panoramic views. Ours trickled into a five hour, ten course meal overlooking Columbus Square at the Mandarin Oriental’s Asiate.

Having experienced some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, I must admit…  my goodness, I was impressed!

Chef Garrison Price brings a unique artistry to gastronomy. Arugula gnocchi, banzino, lobster, or lamb loin will awaken your sense. To top it off? The bird’s eye view. Nothing says dessert like eye candy of the globe’s most beloved city.

Ask for Daniel as your sommelier and dedicate your entire evening to Asian international fusion. - Things To Do In New York

Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental’s fine dining restaurant, Asiate. Photo via @StephBeTravel


Alternatively, seek a seasonal menu and classic jazz on Sunday nights at The National, The Benjamin Hotel. The Midtown East hotel also offers incredible classic luxury suites and convention rooms. I bunked there a few nights and caught up with colleagues

[aka friends haha] at Travel Massive NYC hosted at the Benjamin Hotel :) - Things To Do In New York

Pumpkin cheesecake to jazz music at the Benjamin Hotel NYC.  Photo via @StephBeTravel


If you’re up for a night out dancing, I can totally suggest New York pizza as a fourth meal. New York is known for their pizza. Totally an excuse to be “cultural.” Right? Totally.


3. The Amateur or Professional Photographer (Selfie Takers too!)

Whether you’re #iPhone only, all about the GoPro, or are willing to spend 30 minutes setting up your tripod for the perfect timelapse… everyone knows you’re that guy or girl who wants the perfect shot!

Suggested things to do in New York:

Find a rooftop! The residential buildings are best, but you can also capture great photos from The Mandarin Oriental or the NYC Shelburne. - Things To Do In New York

Photo Collaboration with Jason Liu @Jsn.liu

Alternatively, take the tram to Roosevelt Island for spectacular videos and Snapchats. - Things To Do In New York

Roosevelt Island Tram by @StephBeTravel with @MartinTadashi


Are you a creative? Stay at the Evelyn Hotel in Manhattan for a unique, funky feel. Inclusive of a mural by a local artist, music notes lining the shower, chandelier lighting, and a record player jazzing up your suite, the Evelyn Hotel is one of the trendiest boutique hotels in NYC’s NoMad district. - Things To Do In New York

Self-portrait, @StephBeTravel at the Evelyn Hotel, NYC

4. The Socialite

Sometimes, you want to Netflix and chill. Other times you want to wiggle and dance all night. I get you, I really do. - Things To Do In New York

Suggested things to do in New York:

Start at one of the many happy hours in New York. If you’re staying at the Shelburne NYC, they offer a free wine hour in the lobby. Alternatively, head to their rooftop for cocktails and a sunset.

Then, check out a live music show! Obsessed. If you too are obsessed with great people and even better music, you’re going to love the Big Apple. For a rowdy time where a little dance to live music is sure to follow the opening comedy act, check out Cafe Wah on a Saturday. - Things To Do In New York

Photo via Cafe Wah

5. The Shopaholic

She has an Alexander McQueen clutch, Chanel trinkets, and is draped in red — Red Valentino. He briskly walks down Fifth Avenue, glancing at his Cartier watch, always arriving precisely five minutes early, never late, never wasting more than a fraction of his time. - Things To Do In New York

Spot me? Photo by Neivy Hilario @Neivy & @StephBeTravel

Things to Do in New York:

Is shopping implied? Across from New York’s Rockefeller building, indulge in clothing, shoes, jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics, and bridal registries.

If Celine, Graff, and MSGM are more than your pet Pomeranians’ names, get wanderLOST in this luxe, ten story department store.

Reconnecting to pre-celebrate her birthday, a best friend from college — Capitol Barbie — and I stayed just a strut away from Saks. The Beverly Hills transplant, now based in DC, makes her way to Saks Fifth Avenue once a month. It’s worth a few hours on the train.

I’m less of a shopper, but can recommend a skyscraper workout. Check out my view from the New York Marriott East Side’s gym. Walking distance from both Grand Central Station and Saks Fifth Avenue, this midtown Manhattan hotel is all about location location location. - Things To Do In New York

Gym view from the New York East Side Marriott Hotel via @StephBeTravel


6. The Bucket List Traveler/ Tourist

This New York visitor has dreamt of the Big Apple since growing up on Friends and first spotting an “I [Heart] NY” t-shirt. If the glory and glamour of iconic places reel you in, it’s no surprise you’ll stumble into the concrete jungle.

Suggested Things to Do in New York:

Empire State Building

Times Square

Statue of Liberty

9/11 Memorial of One World Trade

9/11 memorial at Ground Zero


Grand Central Station

Chrysler Building

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Brooklyn Bridge

Trinity Church - Things To Do In New York

Empire State Building, New York via @StephBeTravel - Things To Do In New York

Photo by Jodi Nasser @JNassa - Things To Do In New York

Times Square NYC photo collaboration @SanjayKelly @StephBeTravel - Things To Do In New York

Flatiron Building, Photo Collaboration @StewyisCool @StephBeTravel


7. The Outdoor Lover

You’re the one the prefers the mountains but can’t help wandering into The City on occasion,

Suggested Things to Do in New York

Go to Central Park. Go in the morning for a jog. Go during the summer or spring for a picnic and frisbee. Go during the fall for a coffee-to-go stroll. Go during the winter to ice skate. Just go.

Chances are, you’ll find me there too. - Things To Do In New York

Central Park, New York @JMSuarez_ @StephBeTravel

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