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Calling all lovers of consumer tech. Who are you chasing on the CES 2017 Exhibitor List?

This year, I’ve taken on to partnering with Bitdefender, the first hardware smart security solution. Whether you work from home, or stay connected for fun — cyber security is our generations’ leading concern.

I would know, I work from my laptop and smartphone. My banking, my professional documents, my contacts, my personal and professional photos are just a few clicks away — but priceless.

Bitdefender BOX protects all of your home and office smart devices from hackers (even baby monitors, smart TVs and gaming consoles).

1st Gen Bitdefender Box has four major features:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Private Line (VPN)
  • URL Blacklist
  • Malware Protection




2nd Gen Bitdefener Box adds on:

  • Advanced Privacy and Data Protection
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Home Network Access Controls
  • Powerful Hardware

If you’re on the road as often as I am, the Bitdefender Box comes with an app that notifies you of your network events. You can manage all of your home devices remotely.

Find the Bitdedender Smart House Booth at CES 2017:

  • Booth #40550
  • January 5 to 8th



Are you traveling to CES 2017? What new technology are you on the look out for?