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This holiday season, the best gift to give is travel. |

What’s on your Christmas give-list? A new coat? A stuffed toy? A set of diamond earrings?


Recent studies by Adobe Insights, show that:

Millennials prefer new experiences over new things.

As I vamped up my own Christmas give-list, this year, I had two new people to add: my New York roommates.

Two women born and raised in Tennessee, with wandering hearts to Miami and San Diego — there is much these babes and I have in common — including our recent move to Manhattan. I set roots to New York mid October, and the girls had less than half a year of being New Yorkers themselves.

Moving to a new city, particularly one as fast-paced, aggressive and often impersonal as New York, the best gift they could have given me was friendship and a home. Dancing to Caribbean beats, I had met Nicholl in St. Kitts last year. In my desperate need of a New York apartment, she moved out of her room, and in with her boyfriend, so that I could sublet her furnished apartment with her best friend from home. A nice perfume or notebook really doesn’t cut the gift-list for someone who has opened their doors to a girl they’d known for four days while traveling!

When Uber announced their new gift cards, I knew that it was a small way to show the experiences we’ll continue to have. Practical in a rainy city, safe rides aren’t the real gift I was giving — it was an experience we can have together.

I’m giving her the gift of an experience because that’s what she has given me.

I’ve always said that:

People, not just places define our travel experiences.

While New York is a lot of fun, I would not have gotten through these first couple months with such ease, if it wasn’t for my two roommates. Anyone who has moved to a new city on their own can attest to feelings of getting lost, needing recommendations, combating home-sickness — and above all, just wanting someone to go and explore with you!



So grateful for this travel-loving, driven, kind, Colombian-American friend!


Nicholl didn’t know that I had a gift planned for her. But Christmas came early as we celebrated our second special memory.

Together we experienced the Rockefeller Tree Lighting for the first time!

A world-wide symbol of the holiday season, the Rockefeller Tree lighting was a special experience to share with my fellow new New Yorker.



Spotted, the Rockefeller Plaza Holiday Tree!


We had the perks of watching it from Nicholl’s office — escaping the mayhem of crowds and cold.


You can check out the Rockefeller Plaza for ice-skating, shopping and holiday cheer.


While we both work and travel often, I look forward to sharing more New York experiences with this Colombian princess. After all, in a world as busy as ours — the best gift of all is still foremost our time.

Since we’ll be spending Christmas and New Years traveling, we celebrated the holiday with the tree lighting.

This little gift card is just a symbol of the many times we have taken Uber together and will continue to navigate the streets of New York.


Whether brunching for mimosas, or heading to the airport — getting from Point A to Point B starts with with the right people to share it with.

You can purchase Uber Gift Cards online via Uber or in-store at Walmart and Target.


The best gift to give this holiday season -- is a new experience! | Ideas via the blog

Give the gift of an experience, this holiday and always.

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