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Imagine discovering a real-life Happy Feet?!  After traveling to almost 200 destinations in over forty countries, there is some place high above my wish list — the southern most point of the globe: Antarctica. If penguins, killer whales and glaciers sound like your kind of happy place, the South Pole is calling your name. I know what you’re thinking… are there even flights to Antarctica? Can you visit Antarctica? Is that a real thing!? You can visit Antarctica. 

Because who doesn't want to live a read life Happy Feet- Everything you want to about flights to Antarctica, cruise and helicopter experience, and the ultimate bucket list check- see penguins in Antarctica! From the Blog this post:

–  My favorite photos of Antarctica
– An Antarctica Itinerary
– Information on flights to Antarctica (or rather how it really works)
– Discount code with $1,000 off

If you’re looking for flights to antarctica, you’re doing it all wrong. You’ll actually need to fly to Argentina where you can take an Antarctica cruise (round-trip), or better invest your time/ money by doing an Antarctic cruise from Argentina to New Zealand.

Choose from these upcoming dates: January 13-February 14 and from February 15-March 17
For an experience that looks like this…

(Photos courtesy of Oceanside Expeditions – Ross Sea).




Flights to Antarctica end in a cruise + helicopter ride.

Flights to Anartica | Visit Antarctica -

To book flights to Antarctica, you’ll actually fly to Ushuaia, Argentina — embarking on a cruise.


Spend 2-3 Days at Sea

Antartica Cruise | Visit Antarctica -

Don’t be surprised to see incredible wildlife and meet interesting people. Both will welcome you as you navigate through Drake Passage.


Sail through Lemaire Channel

Melting Glacier - Flights to Anartica | Visit Antarctica -


Bank on Pléneau Island

Helicopter Expedition Antartica | Visit Visit Antarctica -

Set foot on the Antartica Continent and see penguins!

Penguin Obsession - Visit Antarctica

Visit Antartica and see penguins |

You might also spot a blue-eyed shag. 

See a pack-ice in the Bellingshausen Sea

Pack Ice - Visit Antarctica


Visit Antarctica as you revel at Ross Sea

Killer Whale - Flights to Anartica | Visit Antarctica -


Ross Sea Adelie Penguins | Visit Antarctica |

Because PENGUINS! Ross Sea Penguins!

Make additional stops and passes…

at the Ross Sea Ice Shelf, Cape Evans, Drygalski Ice Tongue and the Italian Mario Zucchelli Station in Terra Nova Bay, Cape Adare, Campbell Island when you visit Antarctica.

Dry Valleys | Ross Sea - Visit Antarctica |

End your voyage at Bluff, New Zealand


Get $1,000 off when visit Antarctica with the promo code: LEE1000GIFT
2017 Spectacular Ross Sea sailing with Oceanwide Expeditions

Those of you who follow my blog closely know that I don’t often post trips that I haven’t experienced myself. This is an exception as it comes highly recommended by someone a trust: Lee Abbamonte the youngest American to go to every country in the world. Lee worked on Wall Street before giving it all up to travel, eventually starting a blog. A friend of mine with great taste in adventure travel, I know that if Lee says it’s a great trip… it’s a great trip.

It’s currently out of my budget, but I didn’t want to keep people who could experience this opportunity of a lifetime to miss out.


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