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Want to make money while traveling? Want to stop losing money while traveling? In partnership with the new DOSH App, increase your travel rewards automatically with these top travel hacks:

1.) Sign up for a travel rewards credit card.

I personally use the American Express Delta SkyMiles card because I like the priority check-in, the free bag, and bonus miles.

This is not an endorsement for American Express or Delta — you can sign up for any travel reward credit card.

I put everything on that card and pay it off at the end of the month. I even offer to cover my friends and have them Venmo me. The more points I have, the more air miles I rack up for the next trip.








2.) Link your travel rewards credit card to the Dosh App

DOSH App is the new app that pays you to make everyday purchase — like booking hotels, shopping online, and dining out. (Most Dosh business partners offer at least 10% cash back.) Not only do you get cash back with each hotel stay, you also get ultra-competitive nightly rates.

You don’t have to use a travel rewards credit card with the Dosh app to make travel purchases. However, since the Dosh app gives you cash back, and a travel rewards credit card gives you miles, you literally get both for every purchase you make through Dosh.


How the Dosh App Works

Download the Dosh app.
• Connect your payment information (e.g. I connect a travel rewards credit card).

• Book hotels through the app, and make purchases at restaurants or when shopping online.
• You’ll receive an instant notification with the dollar amount you get back for each purchase made.
• Use that cash and any rewards points to travel on your next trip. Or donate the cash back to a favorite charity right from the app.









Essentially, pay for your next vacation with your current trip.

This works when booking hotels for business trips, on date nights at the local restaurant, during a girls’ weekend, to celebrate a promotion — pretty much anytime you decide to pre-book.

Cheeky secret… I don’t always pre-book… sometimes, I realize I want to do something spontaneous and book it through the Dosh App when I’m already there.


I put $100 through Dosh towards my trip to Montreal.


$59.24 cash back for staying at the Beekman A Thompson Hotel

$20 back from booking a sailing trip around the Statue of Liberty

$14.49 cash back from booking a private custom NYC Photo Tour

I then racked up another $61.23 on the Dosh App when staying at the Auberge Du Viex Port Hotel — and kept adding up the rewards in my few days there.

$4 x 2 people ($8) cash back from our Montreal bike tour

$1.19 x 4 people ($7.14 cash back) for Montreal Zip-line

$17.54 x 3 people ($52.62) Dosh dollars back for our helicopter ride

$2.85 x 3 people ($8.55)  for a guide city tour



In my one week of travel, I made $231.27 cash back through Dosh

Think about it – that’s pretty how much the helicopter ride cost, so I basically got a free helicopter ride by booking through Dosh instead of another platform.

Not to mention, I gained about 10,000 rewards points on my American Express card — off the same purchases!

Win on win.


Get More Travel Dollars by Referring Friends & Businesses

• Refer your friends and family; get a $5 bonus for each person who books a hotel through the app and completes a stay.
• Refer local businesses to sign up with Dosh and get 20% of the marketing fees they pay for two whole years. So if they pay Dosh $100 a month, you get $20 a month. That’s $480 over two years!




Which is the best travel rewards credit card?
There’s no right or wrong answer for the best credit card. You have to assess the best credit card for you.

Here are a few things to consider: Credit cards go through frequent waves of “add-on” bonus points, but they also have different interest rates. If you don’t pay off your credit card at the end of each month, I highly recommend looking at the cost of monthly interest. If you do (which you should), then compare other reward options, including cash back, terms of
expiration for the rewards, perks, etc. As someone who flies frequently, that $25/bag is worth hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. This add- on wouldn’t be a priority or value for someone who vacations just twice a year.


Where can I spend my cash back from Dosh?
Once you’ve also connected a bank account with Dosh, you can transfer the cash in your Dosh Wallet directly to that account. Then, spend it anywhere you’d like or donate it to a favorite charity right from the app.


Who can use the Dosh App?
The Dosh App is currently available for anyone in the U.S. That said, you can get cash back on hotel bookings worldwide.


What can I book through the DOSH App?
As of now, you can book hotels worldwide through the Dosh app. You can also shop online and make purchases at local restaurants anywhere you travel in the U.S. Dosh is in public beta — which means that the app is still evolving. They currently don’t book flights, but who knows what it’ll reward us with next!


Be sure to use my referral code to download the DOSH  app, please :) Please note that despite working with DOSH, all opinions and texts are mine. I’m very particular about who I work with and couldn’t be more excited to share such a cool tool!