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Who needs Netflix and chill when you can hammock and chill? Two nets draped mid ocean offer just that: a hammock nap in the sea, party of “we.” Holbox Island is one of Quintana Roo’s best kept secrets. While international tourists flock to Cancun and Playa del Carmen and back-packers make Tulum their own, Holbox Island is for those seeking to escape the crowds.


So where do you go to be undisturbed? Where do you go when you want to do nothing? Holbox Island.

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Relax on the beach in Holbox Island

An iconic trademark of Holbox, the 26 mile island is known for its mid-sea hammocks.


Holbox’ caribbean turquoise waters are warm and welcoming.

Holbox sunset scene - TravelBreak

The only thing that is intense in Holbox is a Holbox sunset.


Stay in a hotel within the jungle on Holbox Island

A beach front hotel and a jungle bungalow… all in one? Yes please!


Staying at the Villas Paraiso Del Mar, Holbox Hotel

Mingle with the local culture.

The local walls are adorned with murals from artists around the world. There’s only one bar and dance cub. The food trucks smell of rich food and an entrepreneurial spirit.  I can’t put it into words. Check out my Snapchat video for just a little taste of a day in Holbox…

Local food trucks in Holbox Island - TravelBreak

Local food trucks in Holbox Island.

Dock at Holbox Island - TravelBreak

Dock at Holbox Island

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Holbox Island - Selfie | TravelBreak