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The Traveler Way: Why When We Meet Travelers You Just Know

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Traveler. Spotted.

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When we connect with a fellow traveler, an instant bond is present. This bridge is seamed by experiences and personality traits which mature through travel.

“Another expat? Oh, they get it.” “Back-packer on a budget? Yes, I know what that’s like.” “Always on the road for business travel? Been there, done that.”

Travelers can be the easiest people to get along with. It’s almost effortless.

Let’s not romanticize all travelers. It’s possible to stumble upon the occasional cultural offender too. However, chances are, more often than not, we get along with other travelers.

Have you ever met someone while traveling and developed an immediate close friendship? Point proven.

If you caught my article “5 Ways: How to Meet People While Traveling,” you know I’m an advocate for getting out there and meeting people outside your wolf pack. If you’ve signed up for my new app BUENA, you’ll know that I stand for trusting friends first.

Here’s WHY when we meet another traveler, we just know:

1. All travelers have been in a situation where they needed help.

You could be an expert, professional traveler, and it doesn’t make you any less dependent on others while traveling. Between language barriers, transportation issues, and suggested itineraries, there is no such thing as a 100% self-sufficient traveler.

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2. All travelers have suffered. 

When we wander, we get lost. We get ripped off. We get robbed. There are moments of self-doubt, and of course, strains on long-distance relationships (whether from our families, friends or romantic partners). If you travel often, or occasionally, chances are that every single trip hasn’t been rainbows and unicorns. 

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You might get a paranoid parent who doesn’t want his or her child to go overseas, or a boyfriend or girlfriend begging you stay at home; but for most part, travelers want other people to travel. We travel because we love it, and we want other people to see, do and love life the way we do!

And since it isn’t always easy, and others have aided us, we’re going to give what we can.

Traveler- Travelers are dreamers who make their desires for adventure a reality - The Traveler Way - Find more Travel Quotes and Tips on Travel-Break.net4. Umm… all the cool kids are travelers. 

By nature, if we like someone, we are going to lend them a hand. If we enjoy their company, we want to hang out with them, work with them, travel with them.

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These are the types of personalities that become our friends. And when traveler equates to friend, we look out for each other. 

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5. Reciprocity. We know we will again be in a position where we’re going to need a little scratch on our back, so we may as well get to scratching now. 

It’s an unwritten rule.. right?

This article is for every person whose couch I’ve slept on; for the locals who have shown me their city when I have been abroad; for the the people I’ve met at hostels, while camping, and while at hotels. It’s also for all of the professional travelers who I’ve recently met online who have wholeheartedly welcomed me into the travel industry.

Photos by Christopher Guzman, check him out on Instagram and Facebook.


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