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Consummate your wanderlust with the world’s most diverse music festival! Famed as the largest EDM festival in the world, here’s tips for Tomorrowland tickets, booking and experiences.

C0-written for by guest Kimmie Connor of Adventure & Sunsets (her tips, her experience).

Psss… Registration for Tomorrowland closes the second week of February!

Tomorrowland Tickets:

  1. First things first, actually get tickets! Pre- Register for Tomorrowland Tickets here. (Edit registration is now closed, I will update this link in the winter). If you missed registration and are determined to go through a third party, be wary of scam artists. Check out “6 Tips to Foreign Festivals” for more information.

  2. Beware of wet dreams: quite literally, it might (and has) rained, or rather poured, in Dreamville. If camping, your tent should be waterproof. “Wear something that you don’t mind ruining!”

  3. There are different types of accommodation packages sold by Tomorrowland: Dreamville (bring your own tent and camping equipment), Dreamville Easy Tent (Tomorrowland provides tents with a sleeping bag, air mattress, etc), and Dreamville Group Camping. A bit high-maintenance? Go for the Dream Lodge, Relaxville, or Mansion packages. Purchase a “Global Journey” to get to Tomorrowland, or split a ninety Euro cab from the airport. More information on

  4. In the States, we use plastic for everything, however in Europe, a lot of places still only take cash. Bring cash. At Tomorrowland, you can use credit cards or cash in exchange for Tomorrowland’s currency: tokens and tickets that allow you to purchase foods, drinks, shower access etc

  5. Behold! You can bring in alcohol. However, you can’t bring in glass bottles (safety first!), so funnel it into some plastic bottles, fatorade style. Tomorrowland does sell beer in cups, so there’s that option for the extra thirsty.

  6. A cheeky tip: “The whole festival is run by Belgium adolescents. Security is not as high as you would think.” (But you didn’t hear it from us).

  7. Don’t miss: “The Gathering.” The opening night of Dreamville Camping – a festival of its own with DJs headlining Tomorrowland providing an experience exclusive to persons who bought the Dreamvillepass.

  8. Ballin’ on a budget? Bring in groceries from Boom. Although featuring food trucks as diverse as its audience, eating “out” for every meal can add up. Mix it up with a home-made breakfast, and snacks during the festival. A lot of the meal places in Dreamville only take cash (warning in tip four; were you listening?).

  9. Thou shall explore. You can see your favorite artists anywhere, but when are you going to be in Boom again? Discover every inch of those whimsical festival grounds. A décor galore, embrace the experience for a journey into art, culture, and music. The main stages are great, but also see some names you’ve never heard of!

“If you are considering going or thinking about it…. GO. It will be the best decision you have ever made.” – Kimmie, 21

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 This “9 Tricks: Tomorrowland, Belgium” has been brought to you by Stephanie Be and Kimmie Conner. A warm thank you to Kimmie for sharing her experience at Tomorrowland.