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Some of the best couple travel blogs give advice on traveling with your partner… and offer living proof that you don’t have to choose between a relationship and travel.

Whether you're booking your honeymoon or going nomadic with your significant other, consider these tips for couples travel from some of the best couple travel blogs. On Travel-Break.netThey’re the couple that takes on the world together — by choice — because they could also take it on alone. They’re the couple that travels not just with each other, but for each other, empowered by their love for adventure. They’re the couple that can withstand 24/7 of knowing no one but their partner, but they are known at their best when they’re together.

Introducing some of my favorite couples that travel frequently. Some work full-time as a couple with a travel blog, others consist of a partner that blogs and a partner that doesn’t. All chase sunsets, culture and experiences.

Since I’ve been flyin’ and riding solo a-la-Jason Derulo for some time now, I have a few mottos: Baby Don’t Buy Me Roses, Take Me Somewhere New and Adventurous is the New Pretty… but I am not adept to provide expert advice on traveling as a couple.

I can’t help you before your destination honeymoon, nor can I answer questions regarding the logistics of dating and traveling. I just know that a lot of people make it work.




If you ask me, don’t commit to a man or woman until you’ve traveled together.

Because if you can’t travel with a partner, then you probably shouldn’t be dating anyways. However, if you can take on the world with another person, even if only a week, you’ll know a lot about the way you each problem-solve and deal with crisis management. You’ll have a lot to celebrate at home and abroad.

Don’t take it from me, hear it from the best couple travel blogs instead.

Travel tips for couples…

(And low key — positive vibes for all of us too busy traveling to date… seriously, I’ve been on like two dates since December).


1. Talk about your vision + expectations for the trip… before your trip.

Great for honeymooners -Couples Travel Tips from the best couple travel blogs -) -

You may have decided on a destination but have very different ideas of what will take place once you get there.  Person A dreams of a romantic getaway parked in a hammock, fruity drink in hand, while Person B wants to engage in scuba diving and water skiing.  Likewise, your plans to follow a jam-packed, super-detailed itinerary may not jive with your partner’s natural inclination to aimlessly meander around a city.  

Oneika is a Canadian living in NYC. She met her German husband in Hong Kong and they’ve experienced over fifty countries together. They’re in their thirties and can relate to the quirks of inter-racial relationships.  Read more on 

2. Compromise by doing things your partner prefers.

Tips for couples travel from some of the best couple travel blogs. On featueing Bucket List Journey

“When it comes to compromise, we understand that each of us is different and we try to squeeze in aspects of both of our travel styles into our itinerary. This typically means that I will suffer through tours of historical museums while he’ll be forced to visit the most quirky landmarks I can find in a destination.” 

Anette from Bucket List Journey doesn’t have any kids or pets, but she does own a Michelin recommended restaurant with her husband Peter in Sonoma Valley. Anette is an author releases her first print book. She runs the blog Bucket List Journey and blogs both about married and solo travel.







3. Find humor in the uncomfortable.


“There is bound to be the occasional bickering when you are running late for a bus on a 110-degree day. Expect that, do your best to prevent it and always shake it off. You can’t let the petty stuff bother you on the road; if you do, you’ll miss out on the incredible beauty right under your nose. Find the humor in things and even the biggest snafus can become fond memories.”

Mike and Anne Howard blog and travel full-time via — they’re living the world’s longest honeymoon. Seven continents and a national commercial later, they’re still traveling around the globe.








4. Ask yourself: Am I tired, hungry, or both?

Tips for couples travel from some of the best couple travel blogs. On Featuring Two Monkeys Travel Group

When you’re traveling together, you’ll be putting yourselves into situations you may never have had to deal with, which can easily lead to stress, tension and arguments. When you’re tired and hungry (maybe even a little hungover!), you can find yourself snapping at each other for no reason. Before you know it, you’re fighting and have no idea why. Never underestimate the power of hunger and fatigue on your mood. If you start getting snappy with one another, just stop, take a breath and ask yourself, “Am I tired, hungry, or both?” You’ll be amazed at how many arguments you save yourselves from!

Jonathan and Kach are full-time travel bloggers at Two Monkeys Travel. Kach is from the Philippines and Jonathan is from the UK. They met in Vietnam where they taught English together  before traveling through India and South East Asia– they just got married this July! With almost twenty contributing writers, their website has become rich with resources for travelers.


5. Spend a few hours apart.


Traveling as a couple isn’t always cuddling & kissing, it can be real adjustment spending 24 hours a day with each other. We make sure to spend a few hours a week apart, even if it’s me going to get my nails done or Adam going diving while I get a beach massage. These few hours apart are crucial when it comes to traveling as a couple. As crazy as it can get sometimes, we wouldn’t want to travel the world with anyone but each other.

Hannah & Adam Lukaszewicz are an American couple from Wisconsin who traded the “American Dream” for over sixty countries of travel. Hannah runs the social media for the website, and Adam — a burnt-out mechanical engineer — now works remotely with a website design business. Together they blog at





6. Remember back to when you were first dating and were on your best behavior.

travel-tips-for-couples-from-the-best-couples-travel-blogs-featuring-mapping-meganThere is no excuse for not continuing that good behavior. You are a team and no matter what delays or change of plans may come your way, at least you will have each other.  The biggest thing that can ruin a trip between spouses is fighting, and many fights are simply started by the stresses of traveling. Go into every trip with an open-mind and realize that most of your best laid plans will probably not go perfectly. 

Megan and Mike Jerrad have been blogging together since 2007. Meg is Australian, Mike is American and they met in Tanzania, Africa. You can read more on








Tips for couples travel from some of the best couple travel blogs. On Featuring Yummertime 7. Just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you need to photograph everything.

Remember to share moments whether they are documented or not. 

Brock and Chris are the San Fran based life, style and travel bloggers behind, but often document their shenanigans on Instagram @Yummertime.

I also went to college with Brock and have been big fans of their work since day one. Brock and Chris are revolutionizing the blog community, not just for the LGBT community, but for everyone!





8. Above all, get lost together.

Tips for couples travel from some of the best couple travel blogs. On Featuring A Passion and A Passport

Get lost together — literally and figuratively. Instead of ticking things off a list, just enjoy each other’s company and savor this time in your new destination. These are the moments you’ll actually remember years down the road, bringing back the smiles and laughter that ensued.

Jessica Kay is “part-time traveler” who works in education in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also manages the blog APassionAndAPassport. Jessica is a testimony that you can have a full-time job, a relationship and travel too.







Which couple travel blogs would you add?


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